Ropeway at Kailasagiri, happiness always on a good or bad day


Very few of the Vizagites will say that going on the Kailasagiri Ropeway is boring. Adults may be have something more pressing or urgent they need to do, but fun has no age here. One of the happy places in Vizag. Sad day, bad day or sorry day, the ropeway thrills all. Since it’s inception here it has been a major crowd puller and why not? Children lose their head in madness, girlfriends cling onto their macho boyfriends, youth take selfies and some of us writers enjoy all of this.

The beautiful Kailasagiri, a wonder in itself had it’s charm magnified with the little cable cars. Small and colorful, filled with fun and laughter, the ropeway is love in Vizag. While we all love, there so many reasons why we adore it.
1. Our childhood is very easily revisited here – Every once in a while it is good to be a kid again and have fun. Something as simple as swinging in the air to reach the familiar Kailasagiri top is done in happy spirit.

2. Flying through space – There is a dare devil in each one of us and we do not mind letting it out. Modern life leaves us with little time to do so. Hopping on to a cable car and flying through space seems tame enough but who doesn’t love cheap thrills.

3. Infectious laughter and merry making – Once you reach the foot hill to take the ropeway you already sight tourists and non-vizagites lined up for their turn. It makes each Vizagite ask himself if he loves Vizag enough. The anticipation and the rocky cable car elicits excited squeaks from children and amazed expressions from adults. Let us just go with the flow.

4. Unbeatable view of Vizag – It is a photographers vantage point to capture the city in frame. Serene, peaceful and beautiful Vizag is like a dream. The fishing boats dotting the sea and the froth on the waves when they hit the shore will make anyone poetic.

5. Love birds and us – Look down from the ropeway adventure and find other young things indulging in their own. Show me one judgmental Indian who looks down upon them and you will find a liar. Each of us have flash backs to our college days and youth when we had our crush, our gang of friends and more. the enjoyment and excitement will feel fresh looking at the going-ons of the young things.

6. Zen like peace – The ride is short and getting a cable car to yourself a rarity but looking at Vizag spread out in front and the wind in your hair can be meditative. More an adult thing than young, but ropeway ride solo is good food for thought. It will calm down a tired soul in the evening after college or work.

7. Fine let us take a Selfie – Where else will you take a selfie with such a beautiful background and a daring souls pride. The expressions one encounters on the ropeway ride are a curious mixture of – ‘look that’s Vizag and I am the daredevil riding through space’. Funny yes, stupid no. To each one his own. Vizag lays claim to this selfie fame.



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