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Sidhartha Cable Car

Sidhartha Cable Car Project

Ropeway Nepal is now preparing Detailed Project Report of Sidhartha Cable Car Pvt. Ltd. Siddhartha cable car project is located at Butwal city, which is one of the most important and beautiful city of Nepal. The bottom station lies near the bank of Tinau river, near butwal bazaar. Butwal city is a hub place for […]

Dhansari-Belsot Mechanized Bridge

Dhansari-Belsot Mechanized Bridge

Nepali Technicians of Ropeway Nepal in closed collabaration with GRID Nepal, Dhansari Belsot Mechanized Bridge has been successfully completed from Yesterday. This mechanized bridge having 635m span across Kamala River connecting Dhansari, Tandi VDC, Sindhuli and Belsot, Trivini VDC, Udayapur. Financial Support provided by Poverty Allivation Fund (PAF), Technical Support provided by GRID Nepal in […]


Kailashnath Mahadev Cable Car Project

Kailashnath Mahadev cable car project is located at Chitpole V.D.C  of Bhaktapur  District, which is one of the most important and beautiful district of Nepal.The study of the project for the installation is being carried out by the Technical team of Switzerland in association with the technical team of Ropeway Nepal  Pvt. Ltd. Kailashnath Mahadev […]


Dhansari Belsot Mechanized Bridge

Dhansari is a river side village of Kamala river which is non-fordable most of the time. The majority of the population are Dalit and Janajati community comprising with countable population of Danuwar (ethnicity who do not having their own land) community. The social fabric of the community is homogeneous and all caste and creed are […]

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Our Latest Projects

Cable car to be built along Sedibagar-Sarangkot hub

Foundation stone laid for Annapurna cable car

Annapurna Cable Car on Wednesday laid foundation stone for


Liping Khola Material Ropeway Project

Material ropeway for the construction of Liping Khola Hydropower

मौलाकालिकामा केबलकार निर्माण योजना अलपत्र

Maulakalika Cable Car

Feasibility study of Maulakali Cable Car from Gaindakot to

News and Events

केबुलकार लाइसेन्स ओगट्ने होड

केबुलकार लाइसेन्स ओगट्ने होड

प्रस्ट कानुन नहुँदा जलविद्युत् आयोजनाका लागि खोला ओगटेजस्तै निजी कम्पनीहरूबीच केबुलकार (रज्जुमार्ग) सञ्चालन गर्ने

Annapurna Cable Car Top station

निर्वाचनलगत्तै केबलकार निर्माणमा तीव्रता

पोखराको फेवाताल किनारदेखि सराङकोटसम्म अन्नपूर्ण केबलकार बन्ने भएको छ । अन्नपूर्ण केबलकार प्रालिको १

Cable car to be built along Sedibagar-Sarangkot hub

१८ महिनाभित्र साराङकोटमा केबलकार संचालनमा आउने

अन्नपूर्ण केबलकार प्रालिले १८ महिनाभित्र साराङकोटमा केबलकार संचालनमा ल्याउने भएको छ। पोखराको सेदीबगरदेखि सराङकोटसम्म

Green Cape 2

New ropeway to connect Batumi Botanical Garden and Black Sea coast

The Georgian Tourism Development Fund has revealed details of its major hotel project on