Kotre Punditar Mechanized Bridge

Mechanized Bridge, यान्त्रिक पुल

It is a bicable bidirectional type of ropeway technology operates under motor power desLocal Ropeway Technology (Mechanized Bridge)ign and builds by the engineers of Nepal using locally available materials. The system is installed as prototype for human transportation connecting Kotre, Tanahun and Punditar, Kaski over SetiRiver having 520m with 25m level difference. At that section, numerous efforts of bridge construction was in vain due to technical infeasibility. So ropeway technology for river crossing is the best at such long span. The technology is also economical considering construction as well as operation cost for the span greater than 450 meters.

Technical Brief

Type                       :      Bi-Cable Bi-directional

Stage                      :      Two or more

Sheave Arrangement :      Single Drive Sheave

:      Two turn sheave


Track Cable              :      Steel Core (Design Based)

Hauling Cable            :      Fiber Core (Design Based)

Adjustment System   :      Fixed Anchorage Type

No. of Trolleys          :      1 in each direction (fixed with rope)

Powering Source       :      Potential energy of loaded mass at upper station

Velocity                   :      2-3 m/sec

Factor of Safety       :      >4 for cable

Control System         :      Automatic Control System with sensor provided


Nos. of Trolley          :      2

Trolley Capacity        :      6 persons/ trolley










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