Annapurna Cablecar Project

Cable car to be built along Sedibagar-Sarangkot hub

The Annapurna Cable Car Project is conceptualization with the aim to attract the tourist to the destination and enhance economic activities in the country, by developing the safe, reliable and modern transportation infrastructure system for the tourist population coming to the Pokhara.

Pokhara is an ultimate destination for tourism in Nepal. It needs no further discussion to justify the natural beauties, landscape and location of Pokhara and the feasibility of ropeway. Nepal government has a plan to build international airport in Pokhara. Annapurna Car Project is going to promote taking a target of aiming and achieving the highest standard of tourism infrastructure providing excellent services to the respected guests and generating employment opportunities. Promoting sustainable mountain tourism by preserving our unique culture and ecology and to increase the area of employment as well as to introduce the new tourism object is another reason to promote the Annapurna Cable Car Project.

Ropeway Nepal is the consultant of annapurna-cable-car-27x36inch-1-pc. Ropeway Nepal completed the preparation of DPR of Annapurna Cable Car project.

Top Station

Top Station



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Annapurna Cable Car Top station

निर्वाचनलगत्तै केबलकार निर्माणमा तीव्रता

पोखराको फेवाताल किनारदेखि सराङकोटसम्म अन्नपूर्ण केबलकार बन्ने भएको छ

Cable car to be built along Sedibagar-Sarangkot hub

१८ महिनाभित्र साराङकोटमा केबलकार संचालनमा आउने

अन्नपूर्ण केबलकार प्रालिले १८ महिनाभित्र साराङकोटमा केबलकार संचालनमा ल्याउने

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